Common complaints about doctors

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Helping the healers: Doctors' Health Advisory Service

Everyone needs help sometime, and doctors aren’t immune! Health problems, money worries and poor work conditions all create stress that destroys personal wellbeing and happiness. Help is available. We talk to Ms Sarah Foster and Prof Garry Walter from the Doctors’...

Confidence, competence and getting it wrong!

Medical students and doctors display a range of clinical confidence. At one end of a continuum are those who appear untroubled by self-doubt. Perhaps they were the ones who as fourth-year med students took off to work in Uganda and returned with ripping yarns of...

What it means to say 'sorry'

Sometimes, things go wrong. Doctors see it every day – a dire outcome to a simple procedure, a misdiagnosis or a delay in treatment. A good doctor who’s had a bad day. A distressed patient may often just want an incident to be acknowledged. The way a doctor responds to...

Good practice: Resources for doctors

Articles to assist doctors to maintain best practice and high professional standards.
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