Case study

Do you know the three Ws of compound medicine?

In recent years there has been an increase in complaints about compounded medicines supplied by community pharmacies. These complaints relate to three W’s – who is making it, where (and in what conditions) is it being made and what exactly is in the compound medicine?...

Case studies

Last year more than 2,000 complaints were received about medical practitioners. While this represents a very small proportion of practitioners in New South Wales, the complaints were primarily centred on themes such as clinical care, communication and medication issues...

Hearing member resources

Legal information, codes and guidelines to inform the work of Council and hearing members making decisions under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) .
Health pathway
The Council's Health Program supports doctors whose health is impaired, with the ultimate goal they return to full health. While they are recovering, conditions may be placed on their registration. These conditions may limit the type of work they do. Other conditions...

The Medical Council, medical students and regulation

Complaints and mandatory notifications can be made about medical students who have a health impairment which places the public at substantial risk of harm or impacts their ability to undertake clinical training.