What are your colleagues doing to manage their health and well-being?

Need some self-care inspiration? Find out what some of your colleagues are doing to manage their health and well-being in 2020.

Dr Sam Hay, GP

Despite my best efforts, I'm not getting any younger!  I'm determined for 2020 to do a bit more self-care that GPs (and blokes) are bloody hopeless at. I'm going to take a bit more time off to rest, and get that long-overdue check-up done with my own GP! So who's with me?”

Dr Kate Ahmad, neurologist

“Over the festive season I will be doing two things.  Lots of cooking and lots of exercise, hopefully most of it outdoors. I’ve recently signed up for the Sam Wood 28 program which focuses on healthy meals and a manageable 28 minute daily workout. It has a vegetarian plan so I can cook up plant based meals which are good for the planet and my family! I also enjoy scheduling a workout every day as exercise is great for mental and physical health, and it’s a necessary break from sitting in clinic all day.

I also plan to use the festive season to work on planetary health, as climate change is already having significant health effects on the community. I worry about our respiratory health with worsening fires and air pollution and I worry about food and water security with the climbing temperatures. I will be writing letters to politicians, making changes in my own household to reduce emissions and pollution, and using social media to share education and motivation."

Megan Foo, President, NSW Medical Students Council (2019)

Next year, I’ll be moving out and beginning work as an intern. In between these big life changes, I want to commit to taking care of myself - sleeping well, eating well and visiting home (especially to pat our family dog!) whenever I can. 

I’m so close to realising my childhood dream of becoming a doctor - time to celebrate with my family who has sacrificed so much to support me along the way.”

Associate Professor Charlotte Hespe

My New Years resolution is to:  

Commit to participating in two half marathons over 2020 and to start a program of running training, starting in the Christmas season of four runs as part of a half marathon training program per week

Running provides me with three essential things that are crucial to my well being:

  1. Social time - I run with friends so ensure I get good non-work related chat time on a regular basis 
  2. Mental health time - running is so so good for my headspace and as I run early morning before the rest of my day has started, I get a boost to be able to work with an intact brain!
  3. Exercise time - this enables me to get in my “prescribed” exercise each week and know that I am practising what I preach and getting ALL the associated health benefits.

Dr Norman Swan, medical journalist

My New Year’s resolution for this year was to get my own GP. Found someone great. New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to visit my GP………”


Dr Merran Auland, rural GP, and NSW Medical Council member

Christmas is not as much of a relaxation time for me because we still have to cover the hospital so we don’t really get a break. I am covering Christmas Eve, so I won’t see my family till lunch on Christmas Day.

But in regards to my health, I want to think big picture, help to support the globe so the globe can support us. Climate change is one of our biggest health issues. I’ll be praying for rain - lots of rain. Drought is having a real impact for me and my community.

What ideas do you have for improving own health and well-being in 2020?


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