Performance Pathway

Provides a summary the Medical Council's Performance Program.
Hearing member resources
Resources required by Council and Hearing Members.
Health pathway
The Council's Health Program supports doctors whose health is impaired, with the ultimate goal they return to full health. While they are recovering, conditions may be placed on their registration. These conditions may limit the type of work they do. Other conditions...
Conduct pathway
Some complaints about doctors will be referred to the Medical Council's conduct program. This program manages matters of unsatisfactory professional conduct, and may result in the imposition of conditions or suspension of a practitioner's registration. It may also lead...
Our newsletters
Newsletters published by the Medical Council.
Media statements
Media statements from the Medical Council of NSW.
Mandatory notifications
Health practitioners and their employers, as well as education providers, also have mandatory reporting (notifications) responsibilities under the National Law (NSW). Education providers, registered health practitioners and their employers must tell AHPRA if they have...

How to serve legal documents

A guide to serving legal documents on the Medical Council of NSW.

Our publications

The Medical Council publishes annual reports each year.
Reviewing or appealing a decision
Practitioner with conditions imposed on their registration can ask for the conditions to be changed or removed, or a suspension lifted following a review process. Practitioners should seek advice from their professional indemnity insurer or legal representative before...