Part 2 - Prescribing Opioids & Drugs of Addiction - Working with Patients

In Part 2 we hear from Dr Simon Cowap, GP and educator in conversation with Dr Martine Walker, GP and medical advisor with the NSW Medical Council. How should practitioners respond to potentially addicted patients and ensure safe and appropriate care for patients with chronic pain?

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Faculty of Pain Medicine ANZCA opioid calculator: (also available as an App)

RACGP Guidelines Prescribing drugs of dependence in general practice 

Federal Dept of Health Prescription Shopping Programme  A 24 hour service available to help prescribers check a patients prescribing history in order to make informed choice about treatment.

Opioid Risk Assessment Tool A brief, self-report screening tool designed for use with adult patients in primary care settings to assess risk for opioid abuse among individuals prescribed opioids for treatment of chronic pain.

Australian Prescriber Dealing with drug seeking behaviour