Part 1 - Prescribing Opioids and Drugs of Addiction - Rules & Requirements

Part 1 contains vital information for NSW medical practitioners as we discuss prescribing opioids and drugs of addiction. What are the rules in NSW and what do doctors need to know? We hear from Dr Brian Morton AM, GP and NSW Medical Council member, and Mr Bruce Battye, Director of the NSW Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit in conversation with Dr Martine Walker (GP and Medical Advisor with the NSW Medical Council).

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Need more information?

NSW Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Services hub – Resources for NSW medical practitioners on prescribing including guidance on rules related to S4D and S8 drugs and latest news.

NSW Ministry of Health Legal requirements for prescribing drugs of addiction in NSW

NSW Medical Council Are you equipped to write that script?is short article which explains what an Authority to Prescribe is and when it is required by NSW doctors. Our website has a range of good practice resources on prescribing.

NPS MedicineWise website: has a wide range of best practice and professional development resources on prescribing for medical practitioners including information on amended PBS listings and TGA changes.